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Tegyrius 119

This is deck 2 in the fellowship along a three hunters deck. That means every ally (except 5) is fair game is this deck. There is also a mix of about everything else: card management, resource acceleration, shadow cancellation, threat control and even location control (although questionable!) Side quest are mostly there for quest control, for example when you don't want to advance, but they are also great multiplayer cards, Desperate defence is probably better than Tides of fate, but I really like the image on Tides of Fate! There are so many other cards that are screaming for a place in this deck, but the deck prioritizes getting Vilya into play and then having options and flexibility. One each of Gleowine and errand-rider might seem like nothing in helping the other deck, but for the tougher quests, it really helps, even halfway into the quest.

Dwarf Pipe = Spare Pipe (great card, play it on Grimbeorn in the other deck)

See also description for the fellowship.