Follow the Bouncing Gandalf

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Pirate Brahm 995

This mono deck takes advantage Leadership's rallying and when enters play 'bomb' effects to ensure that the best allies are in play and ready to go when you need them. Tome of Atanatar helps you recycle Sneak Attack and Reinforcements so Gandalf and Galadriel keep bouncing in and out of play, equipping your heroes and taking care of whatever's troubling you. White Tower Watchman is there to save your skin and you can even drop Envoy of Pelargir to help recoup the cost of Reinforcements.

With all of these allies leaving play, Prince Imrahil will always be ready to fight. Once you resort to playing Gandalf from your hand, Faramir and Strength of Arms will make sure you get a second use out of him after the engagement phase. Then you could always tell A Very Good Tale to a couple readied allies for even more allies.

Gondor allies get a boost from Visionary Leadership, and will be ready for combat when the time comes, thanks to Strength of Arms.