The Old Dead Trees

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Aorakis 510

Hi there,

A "long" time ago, when Faramir pops out, i made this "kind of" solo-ent deck.

This deck was about bringing treebeard turn 1 into play with Grima's ability that reduce his cost by one. Then you got a pretty decent defender if you get engaged as Faramir will Untap the old tree !

Best 1st turn is like : Reducing the Steward cost by 1, play it on Glorfindel 2, then use it, there you got 4 ressources and you play Treebeard.

Orthanc key goes on Grima. (But the opposite can be fine too, even if i found easier to have the steward on glorfindel to play Trackers, greetings and allies / cancels)

This deck got some Doom... (Thanks to Grima) so, i bring some threat reduction into it. (Galadrhrim's greetings, Elrond's counsels, Gandalfs, Handmaidens)

Location control is provided by Asfaloth and northen trackers.

About the draw, i'm still thinking about it (as you can see on the Sideboard). I recently just add the excellents "Heed the dream" and for the rest we got : Daeron runes, Deep Knowledge, Rod Stewart (in test), Gandalfs, and Gleowine (wich is really nice as you can Untap him with Faramir for some more Draw !)

(Initiatlly the deck got 2 ancient mathom instead of 1 valinor and Rod of the steward) (As i said, i'm still working on it)

The fight well, is assumed by the ents, Glorfindel and faramir if need be.

All in all, I found this deck pretty funny to play, not the best deck on the market but it is a deck that makes a bit of everything, a bit slow yes, but if you got some draw and treebeard turn 1 on the table, you will be fine on many quests.

About sideboard : On quests that are well known, you can defenatly remove the 2 Hasty stroke, to bring more draws, allies or some polyvalent "Long defeat". (Or simply go back to 50 cards).

Hope you'll enjoy it.

Cheers from Belgium