Hot Mess for Moria

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MightyRauros 85

Used to defeat Journey in the Dark.

Ringbearer: Frodo Baggins

Boons: Mr. Underhill attached to Frodo Baggins. Noble Hero attached to Sam Gamgee. Anduril, Mithril Shirt, Sting, and Glamdring earned (one added to hand and the rest shuffled into player deck each quest).

Burdens: Gandalf's Delay added to staging area. Overcome by Terror shuffled into the encounter deck.

This deck was the result of trying to go in too many directions at the same time. While it won, it was not a satisfying victory nor a great deck to play with. To the point that I may re-work it from the ground up and go at the quest again.

A few notes from my play-through: Rear Guard is fun, but really should have been Sneak Attack with all of the high-cost allies I had. The Songs both came into my hand and never made the board, so +1 to A Good Harvest or +1-2 to Ranger Provisions would have been much more welcome.