Solo nightmare Escape from Dol Guldur

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Lecitadin 181

This deck won against the solo Escape from Dol Guldur nightmare deck.

Special rule : make Merry the prisoner.

With only 2 heroes to start with, Boromir becomes the ultimate solution, and Cirdan provides good card draw and questing.

Try to get Glorfindel ally (who truly shines in this quest!) as soon as possible with To the Sea!

Put the shield, the song and burning brand on Boromir, and the blade.

When Merry gets into play, don't quest with him, just use his ability to reduce your threat.

And DON'T take any attack undefended in this quest if you don't have Burning brand on Boromir, because some shadow effects for undefended attacks are just plain CRAZY!

For other quests, it's also a cool new Boromir deck and should do well against some tough quests.



Jun 13, 2016 Seastan 34318

Nice deck! I think you still need to get pretty lucky with the encounter deck to beat this quest.

By the way, A Burning Brand does not protect you from shadow effects from undefended attacks.

Jun 13, 2016 Lecitadin 181

Yep, for this quest in solo, the first 3 cards you attach to the objectives in the staging area are crucial, and I got kinda lucky when I won, but it still was tough.

For undefended attacks, I meant that you should always defend the attacks with Boromir and burning brand (sorry, English is not my native language...).

Thanks for the heads up!