A Journey to Rhosgobel

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Ky_urem 1

Loosing a lot when first playing this scenario, until I built this deck and started winning pretty consistently, 2 out of the first 3 trys.

I enjoy 3 sphere decks and believe Lore, tactics and spirt all bring something quite unique to this deck and scenario.

I like to keep the deck as small as possible (less than 50 as not playing competitively) to give myself a better chance of drawing healing cards that are essential.

Glorfindel for questing and attacking when needed. Enemies like ungolits spawn are pretty hard to defeat without good attacking characters. Lore also bring good healing with Daughter of the Nimrodel for your damaged heroes. And we all know Lore of Imladris is pretty essential to completing this quest and healing Wilyador.

Eleanor for her action to keep treachery cards at bay is a great addition as trechary in this scenario can kill you off pretty fast (up to now this scenario has the most trechary I've played against).

Other spirit cards also help to keep trechary at bay and cards like Dwarven Tomb can bring Lore of imaldris back in to play if it was used during the first stage not second and wasn't removed from play.

Tactics doesn't really offer much in general in my opinion but Legolas come in quite handy here as he has the ranged ability, which we need to attack and defend against a lot of the of enemies in this scenario. He also adds tokens to the quest when defeating enemies which is good to get quickly through the first stage and second stage when we have enough Athelas.

Cards like Winged Guardian also come in handy for attack and defence against enemies. I found Citadel Custodian came in handy on Glorfindel as his defence is poor.

Fun deck to play with but probably my least favourite scenario so far in mg LOTR LCG adventure.