Help - 1st Published Deck - trying to beat JDtA

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hawkeye007 25

3rd time returning to this great game. Decided I was going to get into deck building this time around. Tried using a solo single core deck to beat Journey Down the Anduin and gave up. So I went ahead and used everything I had purchased (which gets me through about 3 cycles and a few expansions).

So I came up with the deck that's published here and I can reliably beat JDtA. However, I know the deck is far from optimized. Was hoping I could get some feedback from people who know what the hell they are doing.

I like my heroes. I lucked into Bifur. Originally added him for his low threat but his ability is huge and fits perfectly (he's got the most important cards like forest snare, Gleowine, and Warden of Healing and it's so helpful to be able to pay for those immediately). Glorfindel - yeah he's a ticking time bomb but if you quest with him wisely and have him talk things over with Elrond from time to time he's not too bad to manage. Eomer is a wrecking ball when he gets going. Get him on a warhorse and he's even more amazing.

I feel like my allies work well. They have defined roles. Sometimes I get stuck with a Gondorian Spearman and wish I had something else but for the most part I like em.

My attachments I don't like at all. Too many single use items. Need to tighten em up a bit I feel. Feel like Rangers Spikes could go. Part of the problem is my heroes have too little overlap in what they can use.

Events. Secret Paths was a late add because I got caught unable to quest past some super high threat areas and got stuck a few times and had to give up. Secret Paths has been a great addition.

Anyway would appreciate the help. And if you think the deck just flat out sucks and should be scrapped I am fine with hearing that too.


Jun 29, 2020 jvader 127

add light of valinor for glorfindel

Jun 30, 2020 kattattack22 634

I agree with @jvader. Light of Valinor x3 is a must in a deck running Spirit Glorfindl. It negates his drawback and then he can quest for 3 and attack for 3 every turn. You will want to mulligan for it in your starting hand. It's that good.

If you are having issues with locations, run 2 copies if not 3 of Asfaloth. He's one of the best location control cards in the game.

Gamling ally would be helpful to get your discarded Rohan allies back. Otherwise you might lose steam chump blocking without some serious card draw. Gleowine is nice but having some more card draw or Gamling will make it more consistent.

Firefoot is the best attachment for Tactics Eomer but I'm guessing you don't have Dunland Trap or it would be in the deck. I'd just put in more copies of Rivendell Blade. The -2 defense for 1 Tactics resource is very good. One of those on Glorfindl and boosted Eomer after a chump is the equivalent of 10 attack which will take down most non-boss enemies in one attack.

Jun 30, 2020 tamhas 68

The deck looks pretty good to me, nice work! I'm not an expert deck-builder either, but I've found recently that my best decks tend to have lots of card draw. I knew it was important, but I am only just realising how important it is. I'm not sure what cards you have available, but since you are running lore I would recommend Daeron's Runes and Deep Knowledge for more card draw.

And just to jump on the bandwagon of @jvader and @kattattack22 Light of Valinor is a must-have with Glorfindel.

Jun 30, 2020 hawkeye007 25

Thank you so much for the feedback! Yes not having light of valinor is just a horrible oversight. Definitely need more card draw as well. My problem.... which cards do I remove to make room for these other cards. Good stuff. Really enjoying deck building. I did get Dunland trap recently but I am worried about information overload and just want to get super familiar with what cards I have before adding more. Thanks again for the comments.

Jun 30, 2020 kattattack22 634

I'd probably take out the traps. They're good and fun, but you have pretty good Attackers with Glorfindl and Eomer. As long as you can get chump blocking to be consistent the traps shouldn't be necessary. That should free up slots for Light of Valinor x3 and a second Rivendell Blade.

I'd do a straight swap more copies of Asfaloth instead of Secret Paths. Asfaloth will be deal with locations a lot better than a temporary questing boost.

Secret Vigil is another card that can be cut. You start at a really low threat. Plus the deck already has Elrond's Council and Gandalf for threat reduction. I'd probably replace the 2 copies with some Lore card draw to keep your sphere mix balanced. Deep Knowledge with your low threat would work great. Daeron's Runes is the next best if you're not comfortable with the Doomed 2.

I'd look at swapping the Vassals of the Windlord for Gamling. They're good but getting your Rohan allies back like Escourts will be better. Plus Glorfindl with Rivendell Blade and Eomer attacks with Outriders to help occasionally should be enough for most quests.

If you decide later to try out Firefoot, look at Westfold Horse-breeder too. It's a cheap Rohan ally that can dig for Firefoot.