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Tegyrius 113

Prince of Dol Amroth is a placeholder for Thorongil. Dwarf Pipe = Spare pipe.

Ever since Messenger of the King was spoiled, I've only built (MotK)Bilbo decks: Gandalf + Elrond + Bilbo gets Vilya on-line turn 1. Saruman + Bilbo gets you card draw with expert treasure hunter. Radagast + Bilbo can also use messenger raven for draw. Bilbo + other hobbits gets the card draw going turn 1. For Ash Mountains, you can start with a Dwarf pipe to lessen the milling effects from turn 1. Bilbo himself draws an extra card each turn with Thorongil for 3 neutral rescources.

How about the Dunedain pipe? Aragorn is fun, but we'll get back to that.

With this deck, you can go many ways. You can tool up your heroes with legacy blades, and they all have cheap action advantage (hitch, light, steed). This time, I went the ally route instead. There is also some tech with guarded cards, since I wanted to get to 4 cards (1 base + green Bilbo + Prepare for Battle + Stone of Elostirion) and 7 rescources (3 base + Thalion + Steward + Girion) per turn! Yes, it's silly.

The deck is not a beat-them-all kind of deck. It can't handle early attacks, and it has a snowball effect, it needs to get rolling. It may seem odd with all the 1x and 2x cards, but you'll see a lot of cards with pipe, song and so on.