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jvader 127

jvader has a newer deck inspired by this one: bond of friendship deck V2.0

My first idea for a bond of friendship contract deck. Any suggestions are welcome.


Jul 04, 2020 doomguard 1245

resourceful? i think its not worth it, you will never reach secrecy. i would put in envoy of pelargir or boots for the hobbits. shadow of the past seems not very useful for that price. would replace like above or with good meal.

flame of arnor? see above. steward of orthanc is also a good option for the neutral cards.

quickstrike, i think you arely kill an enemy with the attack of 1 charakter. so it seems not so usefull. feignts seems more usefull to me.

would replace self preservation with warden of healing. cheaper and more flexible.

reduce arwen and light of valinor for 2 test of will, or 1 test of will and 1 hasty stroke

Jul 04, 2020 jvader 127

I don't have any of those neutral cards or warden of healing but thanks for the advise.