4 friends against Sauron

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Tegyrius 119

Used this for a campaign alongside a three hunters deck which handled defence. The deck is a bit light on card draw. It's a bit tricky to balance rescources/draw in these kind of decks. You get 5 bucks per round, but can't really pay for expensive tactics, spirit or leadership cards the first few turns.


Vigilant Guard: goes on Grimbeorn in the other deck, and he maxes out at 9 hp, so he can soak damage and regenerate with the contract.

Keep Watch: More or less a filler, gets Thalion going.

Rivendell Blade: also playable on the other deck, to help flip the contract.

The White Council: was switched in and out for fellowship cards.

Lembas: Also on Grimbeorn in the other deck, great early.

Late cuts:

Core Faramir: Works well with Envoy of Pelargir, but was often left in hand because other cards were priority.

Legacy Blade: also playable on the other deck, but this is often a win-more card.

Hasty stroke: was in the deck when Aragorn was the fellowship hero (instead of Sam).