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Zoomboy 1

First try at a Noldor deck


Jul 20, 2020 Zura 273

Do you have more than 2 cycles and is it paired with elladan deck? Because you have no noldor synergy at the moment. If you only have 2 cycles without pairing it with Elladan, i would swap alrohir for Learagorn, get 3x steward of gondor, get out 1 bofur, 1 gleowine, songs of travel (you have vilya) and rivendell minstrel and then you have 5 spots left - i would put in stargazer (so you can set up cards for vilya) and some 2 bigger allies so this can actually pay off - faramir and beorn, for example/

Jul 20, 2020 Zoomboy 1

Awesome, thank you for the suggestions! My friend and I are just playing on TableTop Simulator. We are using just the first 2 cycles and I was just posting this deck so that he could see it. I should probably add that to the description. It's still a work in progress and we only just started looking at the second cycle last week so the card pool is fairly new for us.