Hirluin the Grey, outlandish bear tamer.

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kicbak 44

Outlands, Grey Wanderer, Secrecy plus Giant bears!

Typical outlands but using The Grey Wanderer adds in some fun.

Single hero opens up secrecy and "All heroes must be a certain sphere" cards. Giant Bear instead of Beorn means it can still be played from hand being off-sphere. Plus, I like the mental image of some Outlanders releasing the "hounds".

Secrecy helps turbo up the resource gathering even more. Resourceful and Steward for Blood of NĂºmenor and Gondorian Fire. The number of each depends on how badly I need it for a scenario.

I'm not really using the sideboard for other than reminding me of what other cards I've used.


Jul 24, 2020 Alonewolf87 1514

Just remember that your only way to play Black Arrow is as the starting attachment with The Grey Wanderer since it's unique.

Jul 24, 2020 kicbak 44

Ah, yea I actually can't play it since it's a cost of zero. Thanks for pointing that out. I paid attention to it for not using Beorn but not the arrow. I always forget the 1 per deck cards are also unique.

Jul 24, 2020 doomguard 1229

i woul add 3 skinchanger. would discard

  • for gondor
  • black arrow
  • 1 forlong

Jul 24, 2020 kicbak 44

Yea, I've been messing with them in another deck but its a fun mustering option and also makes it easier to get the bears out of my hand.

Jul 24, 2020 kicbak 44

Since I have just two bears, I think I'm going to drop For Gondor, 1 Forlong and the black arrow for 2 Skinchanger and 1 more Blood of Numenor as a high defense never seems to go out of style.

Jul 26, 2020 doomguard 1229

whats the startingattachement? lord or strider?

Jul 26, 2020 kicbak 44

Lord, since drawing cards is generally good and powering the swarm faster. Early on grey wanderer is for resources and readying so only half of Strider (+2) is getting used.