(BoF) Gray Company Dunedain

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Imrahil13 820

Nothing flashy, just a first crack at a Bonds of Friendship Gray Company build. Going for strong theme here, so all allies have the Dunedain trait.

Aragorn has the potential to get 4-Sphered, so he's a good candidate for Steward and Arwen's bonus resource.

I'm still underwhelmed by Heir of Valandil, as it takes quite a bit just to make up its 2-cost. There's also not a ton of great Dunadan allies, compared to most other themes, but there are a host of expensive 4+ ones that can get some mileage out of it (eight 4-cost allies in the deck).

Without Ring of Barahir, it's pretty tricky to afford the Forest Snares, but 50% of the Lore cards are free so you can save for Snares as applicable. Works wonders in a Fellowship with a Trap-Deck, of course, that's adding more Snares and Nets to the mix.

Fortress of Nurn adds a couple of interesting options to the deck, so it will need to be revisited when that drops.


Aug 26, 2020 Imrahil13 820

Leadership certainly feels like the tightest sphere here, as those 10 cards are at such a premium and there are so many good choices.

Lots of close-call cards that can be swapped in (the ally that gets +1 Def for each engaged enemy, Dunedain Remedy, Dunedain Warning to help Amarthuil defend, a second Destrier, etc.).