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Elessar010 477

Well I finally got around to making a deck with Spirit Aragorn. In practice I like him a lot more than I thought I would, especially a lot more than I initially thought upon his reveal.

It's all about stacking him up, of course, as most of my decks do with Aragorn. Protector of Lorien and Unexpected Courage are important early on. Protector is great for his ability to neutralize some higher threat locations, especially since I can't play Celebrian's Stone or Sword that was Broken in this deck, outside of adding in Reforged.

Thurindir's side quest really just facilitate his own willpower and the attack of Aragorn and Idraen from the Legacy Blades. The Dunedain Pathfinder, East Road Ranger, and Rider of Rohan are all Scouts, and the others are more thematic inclusion. I love the Rider of Rohan since he doesn't exhaust to quest after the first side quest is cleared.

Usually, I attack Lore Aragorn with Thorongil, but Ring of Barahir is able to give me the Lore icon if I want to get another Aragorn instead. Earlier I did have 1 copy of Sword That was Broken just in case I wanted to bring in Leadership Aragorn, but that was a reliable expectation.

Aragorn defends with Protector of Lorien and Arwen's ability when she is in play, or you can let Idraen defend, since she can ready fairly often. I give at least two copies of Unexpected Courage to Aragorn of course, and maybe if the third shows up, Idraen will get it. It's nice that their stats are practically identical.

You could probably do without Warden of Arnor, honestly. Things like The Hidden Way and Expert Trackers could be fun to include or sideboard.


Oct 28, 2020 Alonewolf87 1514

You might want to include some copies of Leather Boots

Oct 28, 2020 Elessar010 477

@Alonewolf87 that is a good one to toss in. Honestly, Scouting Party is difficult to pull off in this deck since Thurindir and Arwen aren't scouts and they both kind always need to quest.