Speak No Evil

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This deck was developed based on advice from user penninck, credit to penninck for the core elements of (MotK) Haleth and Protector of Lórien in this deck.

This is a Vilya deck that uses (MotK) Haleth as a fixed Attachment searcher. The Allies, Attachments and Events are tuned to supporting (MotK) Haleth's ability.


  • There is a strong range of Allies, typical to those that you would normally see in a Vilya deck (credit must go to Seastan here as it was he who refined the general Ally suite used in most Vilya decks).
  • There are 2 copies of Haleth, both to the increase the chances that one will be left in the deck after the starting hand draw (so that Messenger of the King can target it) and as a backup Ally in case (MotK) Haleth is destroyed.
  • There are 3 copies of Faramir as his ability works well with a large range of Allies in play, and supports (MotK) Haleth's ability.
  • Imladris Stargazer times the deck to optimise uses of Vilya and card draw. She should be a priority once Vilya is in play.
  • Master of the Forge is not included, as his ability is covered by (MotK) Haleth.



How to play

Many thanks again to penninck.

I would welcome any thoughts or comments.