Defender of Rammas goes to War

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DnT 108

Previously used Aragorn, Arwen, and Glorfindel, but I found that I was short on Tactics resources, so I replaced Arwen with Mablung. Losing the card draw that comes with Elven Light is a bit of a blow as foe-hammer is not predictable enough on its own. Also, without Elven Light, the spear never had enough "ammunition". So I dropped Glorfindel and added Arwen back in. With an ideal opening hand of Defender of Rammas, Raiment of War, and DĂșnedain Hunter, you can have a super solid defender out on turn one, provided you discard a card, preferably Elven-light for that 4th resource.

For multiplayer, if the other player has solid questing, drop the Ethir Swordsman for additional ass kicking potential. If you need to squeeze in more questing power, stick the Knights of the Swan in there. Nothing brings efficiency to the table like Outlands.