MoD #5 - Dain Don't Need Nothin'

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This is Deck #5 in my "Musings on Dáin" series. See the first deck for more details about the project.

Our first deck was just a basic, bog-standard Dain deck. Our second deck took that formula and stripped it down to the bare minimum. Our third deck took that formula and cranked it up to its maximum.

Deck 4 was the first to break from the basic "pick Dain, play lots of dwarves" formula; it was a Dale deck where Dain did nothing except share his bonus across the table. It was an interrogation into whether Dain could outperform the entire rest of the deck combined.

Now we're to Deck 5. We've demonstrated that Dain is good when he does dwarves and we've demonstrated he's good when he doesn't do dwarves (but instead does another powerful archetype). This time we're going to demonstrate how good he is even if he doesn't really do anything at all. (If you think we've finally reached the "performance art" portion of the project, I'd perhaps go back and check out Deck #2 again.)

I've been meaning to try out Council of the Wise, but the problem with a deck of 50 singlet cards is you never know what you're going to get, and usually you have to start including some mediocre cards just to make the 50-card limit. That's bad.

If you really work at it, you can still manage to finagle a consistent, coherent theme into a Council of the Wise deck. But "working at it" seems hard, so I just threw a bunch of solid Spirit and Leadership cards in and called it a day. Why did I pick the cards I picked? No real reason.

If you've been counting quests you'll realize that this deck is destined for Road to Rivendell. Road to Rivendell is actually a pretty interesting quest that is completely ruined by the presence of one single card: Sleeping Sentry. When deckbuilding for that quest, you want to make sure you'll have enough counters in your deck in case it shows up.

But when playing Council of the Wise the only thing you can count on is whatever you get from your heroes, so in addition to Dain I'm running Eleanor and Balin, two heroes who can virtually guarantee that we're not going to run into Sleeping Sentry at any point. (Unless there's two of them back to back, in which case GG encounter deck.)

Other than "Buff dwarves" and "not see Sleeping Sentry", I have no idea what this deck is going to do. Maybe good stuff. Maybe not good stuff. Your guess is as good as mine. But here I am betting that "buff dwarves" and "avoid Sleeping Sentry" is probably powerful enough against this particular quest that whatever else the deck winds up doing isn't really all that important.