TNMT 2 The Secret of the Ooze with Ents

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TenormanTears 8

Well, this is my first deck posted to RingsDB. A caveat, I just bought the entire Lost Realm cycle and I wanted to play with a Rossiel toolbox and use merry as well so this is what I came up with

This is a deck without all the staples (test of will, threat reduction, resourceful, doors of durin etc) as they are in my other decks so no superstar cards here so save the suggestions and add them yourselves if you want to try this

What this IS is a deck that starts nice and quiet in secrecy and utilizes merry to stay in secrecy.

The best possible start is Quickbeam turn 1 and Treebeard turn 2 or two of the secrecy guys on turn 1 and treebeard on turn 2. You will be holding a lot of the rosseil cards all game and if you can keep your threat low and choose your enemies this will become very effective as closing the door on any card in the deck gives you a massive advantage while your ents ready.

This deck is fairly effective in solo, and builds into an absolute machine in multiplayer. By turn 5 or 6 on multiplayer you should have treebeard + 3 or 4 ents + 3 or 4 other allies and still be around the 20 threat mark. This has been my experience.

Though keep in mind, playing with mostly B+ cards, this deck can struggle without the right combination so mulligan well.

The main factor of this deck is the fun factor. It is a blast! Please feel free to comment


Apr 07, 2020 Greensbrew 83

Man, if ever there was a contest for best username, you would probably have my vote... I can't help laughing at that, remembering that good old SP episode. Good one...

The deck seems nice btw, I have been toying with something of the like, which is on standby so far.