Glorfindel hunts for Gollum

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kortz 2

After hearing rumors of the torture the creature Gollum suffered in Mordor, Gandalf tries to find it in order to know why the dark forces were interested in its knowledge. The grey wizard asks for the help of Glorfindel in Rivendell, who agrees to ride to the banks of the Anduín in search of the elusive Gollum. He believes Gollum may have passed near Lórien and therefore seeks the approval of lady Galadriel and the companionship of Haldir and a small company of Noldor and Silvan elves in their hunt.

This deck was made to play the quest "The Hunt for Gollum" in my "Epic Adventure Stories of Yore" (EASY) mode. The purpose is to make thematic decks that can "generate" a short story together with the encounter deck. After succesfully completing the quest, a character that participated in the quest writes a short journal entry of what happened. The short story can be found in the quest log using this deck.