Haldir the Green

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AJ_800 278

AJ_800 has a newer deck inspired by this one: Green Arrow

This is my first iteration of a deck concept that I would like to try. Others have made similar decks, and I have cherry-picked some of their ideas while adding my own. I plan to test and reiterate the deck, developing it as it goes.

The idea is to equip Strider, The One Ring and Strength and Courage to Haldir during setup.

The low threat and Noiseless Movement keep Enemies in the staging area, to be picked off by Haldir's ability.

Haldir's staging area attack can only be used once per turn, but he can also ready with The Grey Wanderer and attack an engaged Enemy (i.e. a voluntarily-engaged small Enemy).

The Ally selection is primarily designed to provide the for questing and patch a few other weaknesses.

The Attachment selection is primarily designed to boost Haldir's and help with Resource generation.

With The Grey Wanderer and Strength and Courage, threat will increase by at least 3 every turn. Gandalf and The Galadhrim's Greeting will be needed to keep the threat low.

Going into testing, my primary interest is whether the Allies will provide enough to handle the Quest and Locations.

I would welcome any input or suggestions.

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