Thalin the Gruff Wanderer (hobbit saga) v.1.3 - we must away

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AltarofPan 39

01.23.21. SOLO. taking Thalin the Gruff Wanderer a-freakin' through an unthematic ride with Bilbo in the Hobbit saga. so this is the deck that got me through scenario 1 (We Must Away, Ere..) solo, in 3 of 4 attempts.

brutal treacheries in this scenario.. this style of deck just has to deal with these occasional board wipes. usually more than once.. but the hardest part of We Must Away, Ere the Break of Day for this Thalin the Gruff Wanderer deck wasn't the treacheries, it was the 1st quest phase after stage 2 is revealed - prepare for a huge threat hit. again, its a drag but the deck can and does sweat it out...

also, for the Thalin fans: Thalin vs Suspicious Crows. whats not to love. thumbs up.

01.20.21. i belive game designer caleb once boasted that he made a mono-Thalin deck that beat every published quest.

hmm.. thats a stretch.. but now the grey wanderer came out. so. lets see if i can take him solo through the Hobbit Saga!

stage one complete. go get the Necklace of Girion to start the party..

hard mulligan for Resourceful.



Jan 24, 2021 jvader 127

how are you playing out of sphere allies like arwen

Jan 24, 2021 AltarofPan 39

The Grey Wanderer allows it. It's a lot of fun!

Jan 24, 2021 Alonewolf87 1561

The Contract allows only for non-unique out of sphere cards so no Arwen, Firyal, Haleth and King Under the Mountain