The Mûmakil Solo Progression

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Copterman 275

DECK NAME - Big Game Hunters

  1. Beregond: add Gondorian Shield, Spear of the Citadel, Unexpected Courage and extra defense from Arwen. He exists solely to block attacks. Damage can be dealt by Spear of the Citadel, but not necessary. UC helps with extra attack Shadow Effects.
  2. Haldir: Add any combination of weapons and UC. His role is to quest and to attack enemies in the staging area.
  3. Merry: add Fast Hitch and Dagger of Westernesse (after Haldir's restricted slots have been filled). His role is to quest and to use FH to ready for the threat reduction ability. Later in the game he might can attack as well with DotW.
  4. Lots of 2 cost allies to help willpower total. Curious Brandybuck is played for free when traveling to a location. Save spirit resources in this way. Gleowine for card draw. 3X Warden of Healing for possible questing but mostly as method for dealing with Terrible Fever Condition. Test of Will would mean too many Spirit resources, so kept equilibrium this way. Also the willpower per WoH is helpful.
  5. Arwen/Elrond's Counsel, Merry's ability, and Gandalf for threat reduction. Pretty easy to keep threat below 30 or even 25 if the cards fall right. Shouldn't approach 40 threat meaning 4X Mumakil stay in staging area.
  6. Feint and Hasty Stroke to deal with nasty shadow effects. Mostly useful early on. Once the board state is set, you'll roll.
  7. Don't leave enemies in the staging area. Early on, engage when possible and block with Beregond. Kill with Haldir (or Gandalf early on). Kill in staging area with Haldir in mid to late game.
  8. Cards to look for in starting hand: Gondorian Shield (priority), Arwen (for extra Beregond defense and for Elrond's Counsel), Fast Hitch (for Merry's ability after questing), Curious Brandybuck (free play when traveling can really help get the ball rolling), weapons for Haldir (not too many weapons), an assortment of 2-willpower allies from deferent spheres, Gleowine is good early on for a round 2 play if Spirit allies played in round 2 as well.

Hope you enjoy!