solo Hobbit saga v2.0 (1 - we must away,.)

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AltarofPan 39


v.1.3 was instantly invalidated when Alonewolf correctly pointed out that i was playing the Grey Wanderer contract incorrectly. lol it was my 1st attempt at the contract. so thank you, sir. i am educated. i seriously wish i had more time to play.

lets try something else then . a complete rebranding.. solo Hobbit saga v.2.0.

here we go!

this might be my first ever spirit/leadership solo deck. Erkenbrand is/was fantastic, but spirit Dain is the one to make these two spheres click. not focus on damaging the trolls beyond 1 point of damage per attack, and even then only if the troll is holding his key. just like elves being elves, they'll get Bilbo out of there to safety as quick as possible.

an ideal first hand would have both Prepare for Battle and Steward of Gondor.

save your 1st A Test of Will for the Roast 'Em or Boil 'Em treachery.. it's lethal for this deck.. a real backbreaker. also: the reason there are so few attachments here is in preparation of the Wind-whipped Rain treachery, which blasts all player attachments from the game. it's a devastating treachery if you're not prepared for it.

sideboard doesn't drastically change the deck. It's more like mix and match to your taste.

cheers bb