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Some Sort 3019

In all of the strongest decks available today, you're going to see a very heavy dose of card draw. But sometimes an idea for a deck just doesn't leave enough space to squeeze ample draw in among the 50 cards. That's where this deck comes in-- it's designed to handle card draw duties for an entire table at once.

To start with, there's old core staples Beravor and Gléowine, who can give cards on-demand to anyone who needs them. While giving cards to one player at a time is fine for solo or 2-handed play, in 4-player games you need something a little bit more global. To that end, the real engine is Campfire Tales and Elrond.

Those two combined only net six extra cards for everyone, so we need some way to recur them. Enter Sneak Attack, Reinforcements, and Tome of Atanatar, (plus Second Breakfast and The White Council to recur the Tome of Atanatar). Reinforcements also lets us sneak in Gandalf under another player's control if we want to give someone else three cards while we're at it, or we can use Gandalf ourselves to help us draw into more of our own draw effects.

Deep Knowledge is an amazing card and, while you can't recur it safely thanks to the doomed, it will speed up the draw engine greatly. Daeron's Runes will also speed up the process of getting your own draw effects in hand. That's why the Galadhrim Minstrel is around, too, (and don't forget you can use Reinforcements to play the Minstrel under someone else's control if they desperately need to dig for an event).

While combat and questing aren't a huge focus, you're not completely useless there. All those Elronds and Gandalfs will certainly be very handy, as will great values like Henamarth Riversong and Quickbeam.

The deck can also help a bit when it comes to paying for those cards, with Théodred and Denethor both able to pass resources, (and In Service of the Steward either played on Beravor to smooth out the deck or across the table to speed up another deck that's doing the heavy lifting). In the sideboard there's a little bit more resource generation if you want to take out some of the allies and turn the deck into more of a "pure" speeder-upper.

But for the most part, that's just a secondary mission. Your primary goal is just emptying every deck at the table as quickly as possible in 3- or 4-player games. It's a worthy goal.