Shelob's Lair: Spider Squishers

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ScrawlKnight 17

This deck was created specifically to tackle "Shelob's Lair" scenario in The Land of Shadow Saga Expansion. The deck has a focus on card draw, healing and defence in order to tackle the discard, high damage, and frequent attacks of the scenario.

When playing with this deck, I would suggest the following priorities:

  1. Get the Hobbit Cloaks onto Frodo and the Sam. In 2B, Frodo can then block Shelob's Quest Phase attack every turn without fail, meaning you can avoid adding resources to her.
  2. Add as much Willpower as you can to Sam: CelebrĂ­an's Stone, Fellowship of the Ring and Sting.
  3. Spam your card draw options early to get lots of options in to your hand through Gléowine and Frodo's Intuition.

A few other suggestions:

  1. Stall in 1B for an extra turn or two to get some extra allies out onto the table before progressing to Stage 2 (there is a risk of engaging the Wraith though, which is very bad news with this deck so early on).
  2. Keep Ever Vigilant on hand so you can ready Smeagol if you need to exhaust him to travel somewhere. If you don't have it but engage an enemy, you can use Faramir's ability to read him.
  3. Avoid adding resources to Shelob and take her attack each time, unless it will mean a hero dies.
  4. With Daughter of the Nimrodel you can afford to block Shelob (or other enemies) with Denethor, otherwise use his ability to prepare for the following round.

Good luck!

P.S. The cards from "The Dread Realm" are not especially essential and so can be substituted if you don't have the pack.


Feb 04, 2021 Alonewolf87 1585

Just an heads up, "A Heavy Burden" is a Permanent attachment so it cannot be discarded from play by card effects

Feb 04, 2021 ScrawlKnight 17

Thanks @Alonewolf87, I've edited the description to reflect that.