Led by Prince Imrahil

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warlock000 1692

I'm very pleased with this deck, it's really fun to play ;).

Mulligan for Visionary Leadership and/or Steward of Gondor.

Visionary Leadership ---> Prince Imrahil (keep the resource for questing and then use it during combat).

Steward of Gondor ---> Elrond (it goes without saying: not only will you be able to play numerous allies this way, but Elrond will also benefit from Visionary Leadership and Denethor's ability)

Horn of Gondor ---> Elrond

Prince Imrahil is the main focus of this deck. Numerous allies have "enter play" effects that synergize really well with his ability (Envoy of Pelargir makes a great chump blocker that pays for herself). Beorn and Háma work especially great here (swing for 8 or defend twice for 5 respectively, with the ability to shuffle those guys back into the deck). You can even use Warden of Healing for emergency healing during combat. Grimbold might also serve as Feint.

Use Gandalf for reduction or card draw, preferably with Sneak Attack.

Captain's Wisdom is rather optional, but sometimes you just need a quick resource boost (and it works on every hero in this setup). If you think you have sufficient resources, feel free to swap it for an ally from sideboard (I was primarily considering Gléowine for some additional card draw).

Have fun!


Mar 02, 2021 TheThirdAge3018 32

I would put in 2 copies of Stand and Fight so you can get more uses out of Grimbold.

Mar 03, 2021 warlock000 1692

You don't have access to events in this deck ;).

Mar 03, 2021 doomguard 1417

elrond without vilya? kind of wasted.

consider take Lothíriel instead of him. questing is the same, thread much lower and you have double "enter play" per round. in addition you can take spiritevents. then perhaps the Squire of the Citadel for more res.

Mar 03, 2021 warlock000 1692

@doomguardElrond with Vilya is kind of overused, I'm tired of putting Vilya in every deck he is in ;). He won't be able to quest after using Vil