Spirit Aragorn

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Grishnákh 73

Spirit Aragorn

Aragorn gets Sword that was Broken, Stone of Elostirion, Silver Circlet, Leather Boots, Ring of Barahir and Warden of Arnor.

Arwen Undómiel gets Silver Circlet.

Mulligan for Leather Boots or card draw / Master of the Forge to get Aragorn set up as fast as possible.

Strategy: Having a Master of the Forge early will help you fish out a lot of needed attachments that will speed up the deck. With Arwen Undómiel you should try to generate 1 extra resource each round and in the beginning give it to Galdor of the Havens and later on Aragorn when he has the Ring of Barahir for the resource smoothing.

All heroes will be always questing. Aragorn iwth Leather Boots will be readied after a location reveals so you can use his action. With all the attachments boosting the WP of Aragorn his action should always succeed. Try to get all your Map of Rhovanions out asap on any of the 10 scout characters or Aragorn himself.

I find Galadhrim Weaver really handy to recover discarded cards with Arwen Undómiel and thus playing her for free in a sense.

This deck is meant for multiplayer to be played alongside a combat deck. It quests very strong and does a good amount of direct progress on locations.

Sideboard I've put the Greyflood Wanderer in the deck for fun, but you can easily swap him with Lórien Guide or Woodland Courier.

I found the extra card draw form Stone of Elostirion really worth the guarded keyword compared too Celebrían's Stone.


Mar 24, 2021 Uruk-guy 485

With the exception on Arwen and maybe Galdor all of ypur wuesters will be Scouts. What if you added Scouting Party to ramp up willpower? That way the other deck could be freed up from sending anyone to the quest

Mar 24, 2021 Grishnákh 73

@Uruk-guy Yes, that's a great idea! That would really make for a powerful questing turn. I kinda forgot all about it because I was so focused on the direct location progression. :D Thx for the great suggestion!

Mar 24, 2021 Uruk-guy 485

@Grishnákh no problem. I guess Grishnakh and Uruks can collaborate after all!

As a side note I really appreciate Spirit Aragorn. I also made a scout deck with him. His only downsides are his high threat and the need for readying. Otherwise I think he catches more flak than he deserves

Mar 24, 2021 Grishnákh 73

@Uruk-guy :D good one! Yes, exactly, I agree. I also like that his bigger health pool paired with Ring of Barahir gives you to option to safely take an undefended attack, but for the rest I don't often get use his combat stats and so his high threat can be hard.

I checked out your deck and I really like your second one with (MotK) Haleth and Legolas. I also considered (MotK) Haleth, but using the ready of Legolas is a good idea I didn't consider.

Overall I think Aragorn would work best with Wingfoot since you could have him ready for combat also if no location gets revealed. He has the stats for it after all. My problem was that Wingfoot requires some kind of encounter scrying and that ends up being expensive and taking over the orientation of the deck while Leather Boots boots is not unique and not hero exclusively thus making each copy worth it to combo with Mirkwood Explorer or Master of the Forge.

Mar 24, 2021 DEER PARK 195

You could add Thorongil for Aragorn, Arwen Undómiel gives him money, then add some cards like Steward of Gondor.

Mar 24, 2021 GreenWizard 268

You can add Henamarth Riversong for scrying. That's a cheap option for wingfoot.

Mar 24, 2021 Grishnákh 73

@DEER PARK Valid suggestion, but I mostly used the Arwen Undómiel resource for Galdor of the Havens cause he really needs it for the allies early game.

@GreenWizard That's a good cheap option, but I wonder if it won't take too much time to setup. Now I would need 2 cards asap instead of 1 to get the combo going. Still I think I'm gonna try it out since it would hit a lot more accurate.

Thx for the suggestions guys!

Mar 24, 2021 Uruk-guy 485

@Grishnákhthanks. I keep making changes to that deck so it changes constantly.

Sorry to keep commenting, but there is a nice failsafe in Unexpected Courage should Leather Boots not trigger. That way you could use all the Boots on allies. I know UC is perhaps overused but it may add consistency

Mar 25, 2021 Grishnákh 73

@Uruk-guy No worries, it's an interesting conversation. It does seem more productive to the deck since all cards are indeed playable even maybe across the whole table. Compared to filling the deck with duplicate unique's. Again, I appreciate the input.