Family Vacation

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GreenWizard 268

Tomorrow, for the first time in over a year I will go out of state on vacation! So I found a couple of other vacation decks, and it seemed fitting for me to build my own before I leave.

Elrond was starting to get bored sitting in Rivendell all day every day. So he decided he would go on vacation alone with his daughter, Arwen. They had just left when his two sons appeared out of nowhere. Elrond, suddenly jealous that his sons had orc hunting and other rangery business to do during the days while he did nothing, yelled at them to go home.

After they left, a stray orc found them on the road. Elrond took one look at him, then hightailed it out of there dragging Arwen behind him. Back in Rivendell he hired his sons to guard him and Arwen, while they went on vacation. And they lived happily ever after.

To get the whole family, I like to play this quest against The Redhorn Gate or Road to Rivendell!


Apr 02, 2021 Truck 1162


Apr 03, 2021 TritonWreck 234

Did you consider just adding ally Arwen to complete the family? And don't forget the family jewels (Celebrían's Stone) on your trip.

Apr 03, 2021 GreenWizard 268

I didn't add Arwen Undómiel because I wanted to start with all 4 of the family members. So if you play against redhorn gate or road to rivendell you'll get to start with Arwen Undómiel. Celebrían's Stone would be a good add