Last Alliance - Dale and Silvan

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YeuelRulez 27

I've always thought that next to a Dale deck, Bard son of Brand's next most fun architype would be to slot him in with bouncy Silvans since he would return any attachments back to your hand with the returned ally. The Last Alliance takes this mediocre and expensive concept and makes it very capable!

  • Target Brand son of Bain early when you have Silvan allies out so you can attach what you have in hand and draw cards.

  • Target Thranduil to play Dale allies during the combat phase and smooth out your resources.

  • Target The Elvenking when in hand to attach it to Brand to take full advantage of his 3 and 3 (Once on the table, you can even pull back Dale allies like Dale Messenger to ready Brand and play again next round for the healing.)

  • Target King of Dale to play Silvan allies for free, or O Lórien! to play Dale allies on the cheap.

  • Target Host of Galadhrim during planning to pull back all your Silvan and Dale allies for a massive heal (returning all attachments back to you with Bard son of Brand), play all the allies again for free Silvan abilities, and then play your cheap attachments back on your Dale allies to draw more cards. Ridiculous value.

Soooo many more fun and interesting Targets in this deck. Pick your favorite "return a Silvan Ally to your hand..." event to the deck or add A Test of Will and have fun!


Apr 10, 2021 Alonewolf87 1586

Cool idea, nice deck. The card draw here seems to be good enough that you might even allow yourself to go a little over the 50 cards limit. Also I would main deck the Silvan Trackers instead of the Dale Messengers and possibly switch on Galadhon Archer for one Legolas.

Just remember that Bard son of Brand's effect of returning attachment to your hand is limited to "once per phase" so it might not combo as well with Host of Galadhrim.

Instead of Elf Guide have you considered using Traffic from Dale?

Apr 10, 2021 YeuelRulez 27

Ooo good call on Bard’s once per phase. Never really comes up in Dale decks lol. Yeah probably switch out Host then!