Sweet Honey Cakes

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Hey n00b, wanna win?

This deck, inspired by the card being spotlighted on the recent COTR anniversary show, is designed to demonstrate the devastating raw power of Beorning Beekeeper.

The idea is to keep enemies in the staging area using low threat, Noiseless Movement, Guardian of Ithilien and Advance Warning. While sat in the staging area, enemies are at the mercy of the swarm of bees sent forth by triggering The Keeper's action.

The Keeper can be paid for from Elrond's resource pool or brought into play with Vilya. Once we have one copy in the discard pile, we ideally want a Skin-changer in play, as it is more efficient to recur him than The Keeper himself.

We recur Beorning Skin-changer with Stand and Fight, which itself is recured using combinations of Dwarven Tomb, Map of Earnil, Erebor Hammersmith and Will of the West.

Imladris Stargazer allows us to time our deck and get the most expensive cards lined up for Vilya.

Risk Some Light is our encounter control and allows us to line up enemies for the staging area.

We pick up Strider with The Grey Wanderer during setup so that we can quest with Elrond as well as using him to trigger Vilya.

Drinking Song helps us put the pieces together and Gandalf gives us a choice between threat reduction, card draw or additional direct damage in the unlikely event that The Keeper isn't dealing enough.

Other than that, just sit back and enjoy the sweet taste of honey-flavoured victory.

A word of warning - once you have played a power deck you may find that lesser decks no longer satsify you. It may be best to keep this one back for only the toughest of quests.


Apr 18, 2021 TheChad 8388

Mountain Man, Beefcake, come on get your HoneyCake!

Apr 18, 2021 WanderingTook 1225

The Beatkeeper approves that you added a bear to your repertoire.

Apr 22, 2021 WanderingTook 1225

Video evidence that this deck kicks major Goblin butt: youtu.be