Lay Down and Die

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Any Ally, Any Time
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Some Sort 3162

This is the easiest deck in the entire game to play. During setup, you draw your opening hand. Then, during the resource phase, you activate Boromir's second ability, discard Caldara to bring back zero Spirit allies, and then trigger Treebeard's action five times. Then you take your entire deck, put it into your discard pile, and walk away from the table.

Why on earth would you do this? This deck makes no sense at all. Unless you're playing it opposite a Stand and Fight deck. One like, I don't know... this one. Because then you just put every single ally in the entire game into your discard pile for that deck to choose from when Standing and Fighting. Which is... useful.

(From rulebook: "When a player is eliminated, his hand, all of the cards he controls, and his deck are placed in their owners’ discard piles.")

Mulligan aggressively for Brok Ironfist. Not because, you know, it matters or anything. Just because he's been around since the core set and I'm pretty sure this is the first chance anyone has had to mulligan aggressively for him. Dare to dream, beardy fella'.

(P.S. That Ally Boromir in the sideboard belongs in the deck proper. He's a great ally, but RingsDB won't let me publish a deck that has an ally that conflicts with a hero. Having such a conflict is 100% legal, it's just that the ally is unplayable while the hero is still alive. But, you know, in this case "while the hero is still alive" only lasts for half a phase, so that's fine.)