Beorn's Fury and Protectors (D1)

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Beorn's Fury and Protectors
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JYoder 288

Together these decks have high , , and . In each deck I have 3 Test of Will and 3 Unexpected Courage. (Use proxies in one deck.)

Usually mulligan for Light of Valinor, but the other deck has enough that Gondorian Shield may be preferred with certain quests.

Beregond is the primary defender for both decks, taking most Unexpected Courages (and Steward of Gondor from other deck) with Beorn only serving as backup when needed. Other deck has good draw, so usually use Ancient Mathom on this deck. Early Legolas helps draw, as does Foe-hammer.

To protect Beorn use Honour Guards. Rarely have lost Beorn, but have emergency Landroval here, and Fortune or Fate in other deck.

Hour of Wrath can't work on Beorn, but on Beregond and/or Glorfindel, it can come in very handy at times.

Great combo is Legolas kills enemy, CĂ­rdan with Narya readies him, and he kills another with 4 , allowing this deck to draw 2 cards.