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This deck is designed around one of my favorite characters from the Lord of the Rings story, Gimli. Despite his presence since the very beginning of this game, I have not used him as a hero since the core set quests, as I never saw his ability as very valuable. There are undoubtedly better abilities and heroes out there, but I thought I would try to make a deck around his ability and at the same time utilize some of the cards that center around mining your deck in an attempt to build him up faster.

Ered Nimrais Prospector assists in discarding 3 cards each (hopefully Hidden Cache or Ered Luin Miner). Well-equipped is in there in hopes of discarding Citadel Plate which would be played on Gimli without spending 4 resources. In the event that citadel plate would be discarded, I would hope to get it back with Erebor Hammersmith. Daeron's Runes and Heed the Dream are in there to attempt to make it even further in my deck to assist in getting the pieces I need. There are some cards in the deck to assist in beefing up both Beregond and Haldir as well.

I have 3 copies of Close Call in the sideboard, as I haven't put them in my deck, but I feel it may come in handy if I accidentally would kill Gimli in the process of beefing him up.

Finally, I should note that this deck is not likely to do well in solo and would be best paired with a leadership/spirit deck focused on questing. There are readying effects in each of these spheres that would come in handy to be placed on Gimli as well.


Jul 20, 2016 Beorn 11403

I like it. Have you considered Longbeard Sentry? ( It fits the theme of your deck and could replace Defender of Rammas.

Jul 20, 2016 DC06675 25

Ah yes, I did. Unfortunately, life's obligations led me to get behind in the card pool and I do not have the Lost Realm or Angmar Awakened cycle (yet) - as I skipped directly to the Grey Havens when I was able to jump back into the game. I agree 100% that Longbeard Sentry would be a much better card to include in this deck than Defender of Rammas both thematically and mechanically!