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Huevobeans 46

This is an extremely long set up to give another deck an extra hero(Ceorl) and leave at the end of turn 1.

The main idea is to us chain card draw and resource acceleration to, eventually, get to a point where we can equip our attachment suite to Ceorl and pass him to another player.

Ceorl's attachment suite is flexible, starting with the master card of choice.

Well Preserved with Ring of Barahir can create a 7 life wall that can heal at the start of each turn. This allow us to give a pretty good defender for decks that are lacking in this department(and is pretty action efficient). However, one could, with some changes, switch the master attachment to cover for other areas, like Power of Command on decks that lack willpower, or Strength and Courage on decks that lack a good attacker.

The other are dedicated to increase Ceorl's effectiveness, in questing(Celebrían's Stone), resource generation(Steward of Gondor), even providing some action advantage[Spare Hood and Cloak].

This deck is more an idea than a proper deck, there are certainly points in choosing heroes that can destroy themselves, like Caldara and Folco Boffin, to eliminate ourselves in the planning phase. However, given that I wanted to play around Justice Shall Be Done, I found that Word of Command added a lot of consistency. I think that the set up is worth the one extra encounter card that we'll reveal, and our remaining willpower is high enough to pull its weight for a turn.

I own most of the cards in the list, but there are a few crucial ones that I don't have. This is a bit of a cheat, so I'll leave the cards that I don't have just to be transparent.

Messenger of the King, Saruman, 2 Celebrían's Stone, 1 Steward of Gondor, The One Ring, Well Preserved, 1 The Galadhrim's Greeting We Are Not Idle.