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pirinisz 29

Hello everyone, I decided to post my favourite deck and get some opinions, tips and advice. I hope you'll try this one out. I have included cards for pretty much every concept of the game: card draw, heal, stage attack, threat control, returning discarded cards, cancel shadow, multi-actions on heroes...! Waiting for any comments! Take care!


Jul 26, 2021 Truck 1162

Jul 27, 2021 pirinisz 29

Well I'm basically using Éowyn and Elrond for questing, so I'm trying to use the minimum amount of unique cards in my deck.

Jul 27, 2021 Emmental 307

I think you should add some Imladris Stargazer, or remove Vilya.

With Elrond passive it's already easy to pay for allies, do i think you don't need The Storm Comes. And you have a lot of attachments, so i would use A Good Harvest instead.

You have a lot of attachments, so Master of the Forge would be great too.

Also with Elrond healing is better than preventig damage, so would add a second Warden of Healing, or Ioreth.

What i would change

-1 Ancestral Armor

+1 Armored Destrier

-1 Send for Aid

+1 The King's Return

-1 Raven-winged Helm

+1 Captain of Gondor

-1 Nori

+1 Legolas

-2 Legacy Blade

-1 Leather Boots

-1 Ranger Bow

+2 Master of the Forge

+1 Warden of Healing

+1 Quickbeam

-1 Fortune or Fate

+1 A Test of Will

-2 Vilya

-1 The Storm Comes

+1 Gather Information

+1 The White Council (Resource smoothing, or can retrive Nori from discard)

+1 Envoy of Pelargir

Jul 27, 2021 pirinisz 29

@Emmental first of all thank you so much for your comments. To be honest, Vilya is one of my favourite cards to play. Ancestral Armor maybe seem useless to the first quests, but the more I go on, the more defense and hit points are needed, that's why I add it to my deck. The Storm Comes is actually very very useful, because as you can notice, all my allies are pretty expensive, so Elrond couldn't actually handle paying for them, when I need him to. Legolas is actually a really good recommendation, which I'm thinking to establish. Leather Boots is a way to add a 2nd action to Elrond (Vilya and quest) and is cheaper than Unexpected Courage, so I added it in. I do have 2nd thoughts about Fortune or Fate, just wanted to make sure I'd end the game with 4 heroes if someone died on me! I think you're right that I need another copy of A Test of Will. Ranger Bow is used to damage enemies in the staging area, so using that with Yazan's attack makes it easy to make serious damage in the staging. Legacy Blade make Glorfindel a super attacker. Finally, I'm considering adding Master of the Forge, in order to draw attachments faster and The White Council. Finally, The King's Return seems pretty useless, as in most of my starting hands, I actually have a guarded card. Thank you very much for your delighted tips.