Playing Wth Fire - Aragorn, Boromir, Frodo 3 Hunters

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Imrahil13 762

A semi-thematic take on 3 Hunters. What if Boromir would have resisted temptation, and he and Aragorn would have gone to Mount Doom with Frodo?

This deck takes advantage of The One Ring, since it is a free Restricted set-up card, getting you 1/5 of the way to flipping the contract out of the gate. It also fetches Power of Command to further thin the deck. While Power of Command is of minimal value with only three characters on the board, every little bit of WP can help 3 Hunters, especially in the early game. If you're less of a purist then me, instead put The One Ring onto Aragorn and give him Strength and Courage so that he can obliterate anything with Roheryn.

Frodo, Aragorn. amd Boromir all have readying abilities baked in, which can help pick up extra combat slack. Boromir and Aragorn also have excellent generalist stat spreads, but generally I build Boromir for defense and Aragorn for offense (ideally Aragorn gets set-up wtih Roheryn + War Axe). He can also quest unexhausted (via either his ability or Frodo), then engage an enemy, kill it with Roheryn, and ready again with Steed of the North (since you can choose the order in which to resolve the two responses on the mounts, which each share the same trigger of engaging an enemy).

What makes this deck particularly bold and interesting to play is that The One Ring lowers your elimination value to 45, while Boromir and Power of Command raise your threat if used. Similarly, the deck runs 3x Pillars of Kings, which catapults you right to a stone's throne away from elimination. Thoronigil (to Lore-Aragorn) can reset you back to 30, and Frodo's ability to walk your threat back every round means you can hold off on dropping your first Pillars of Kings until desired (barring Doom heavy quests) and still capitalize on the +4 cards. With Steward you'll have plenty of resources down the road, so using future copies of Pillars to reset from 44 to 40 is an option.

Helm of Secrecy is present for more Aragorn shennanigans. If you've Thorongil'ed an Aragorn onto Aragorn, when you use Helm of Secrecy if you pick another version of Aragorn, Thorongil will reattach (bringing the Aragorn already attached to it) and then trigger again, allowing it to grab another copy of Aragorn (so the new Helm'ed Aragorn will have two other Aragorns attached to Thorongil, effectively granting you three Aragorn abilities).

It's certainly not as optimized as other 3 Hunters line-ups (especailly Elladan/Elrohir + Arwen or Glorfindel), but it's a fun take on the humans of the Fellowship escorting ring-bearer Frodo. And there's a certainly thrill that comes from existing in that narrow window of threat between 40-44.