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ShiraHata 118

What if you are waiting for the revised Core set but want to start playing right now? This question came up on Reddit and I try to answer it here.

This deck only uses player cards from three Adventure Packs: Foundations of Stone, Shadow and Flame, as well as The Steward's Fear. It uses the powerful Outlands engine, along with two of the best Heroes in the game (Elrond and Glorfindel).

This deck will most likely struggle against quests from later cycles (anything past Heirs of Numenor), but it should do fine against the first two cycles. Ideally, you would supplement this with the Khazad Dum deluxe expansion since it gives you access to three relatively manageable quests and unlocks two that you've already bought.


Nov 04, 2021 Seastan 36535

Neat concept!

Nov 06, 2021 VinnyBrasco 3

Really clean! Thx for sharing ; )

I have a question tho, , don't we have to exhaust a dwarf hero in order to trigger the "draw a card" ?

Nov 06, 2021 ahez20 41

You actually don’t because X can be any number so We Are Not Idle can read “exhaust 0 dwarf hero’s to add 0 resources to a hero’s resource pool and draw 1 card”