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stephenball 274

This is an updated version of a previous list that I have posted and played a LOT. I've found in all games that I play, I gravitate toward decks that don't have crazy combos or rely on too many pieces, instead opting for fundamental strengths and synergies. Thus, this deck was born.

Heroes: Prince Imrahil and Eomer have always worked together extremely well, obviously triggered by the same effects. Eomer pretty easily becomes the best attacker in the game without too many shenanigans, and Imrahil is just an incredibly solid overall hero. His stats are very capable and he has a built in readying ability, and ends up being a workhorse in this deck. I wanted a Spirit hero as my third, and who is more fundamental than Eowyn? The fact that these heroes generally quest for 6-7 right from turn one gives you good tempo right from the start.

Allies: Obviously the allies are an "important" in an Imrahil/Eomer deck, but not all of them are expendable. This deck isn't meant to simply be an aggro "kill all the enemies" deck, it is meant to be a rock that carries you through an entire quest. There are, of course, expendable allies, the Squire being the main one. Envoys and Errand Riders are here for resource fixing, but can chump block if needed, same for the Horse Breeder. Once they've found your Firefoot, they've done their first job. Bofur is the card that really shines. This deck was a little stronger before the errata to Horn, and he was free to bounce in with the horn on Eowyn, but he still serves a great purpose. I feel like if there was an event that cost 1 and said "Add 2 willpower to the quest, ready one hero and give another +2 attack" it would be viewed as an extremely strong event, and that's basically what Bofur is. Arwyn is Arwyn, Gandalf is Gandalf.

Attachments: Basically more fundamentals. We have horses for Eomer, Mathom's for draw. Horn is still pretty good in this deck if drawn early enough, but not essential. Like I said, this isn't just a deck that kills off all of it's allies, the Gondorian Shield is there for Imrahil, especially when you're rolling with Bofur. Unexpected Courage is also for Imrahil if you draw it, giving him even more action advantage.

Events: Lots of obvious things. I don't think anything here is particularly unique, and I've grown weary of typing.

So yeah, basically an all comers deck that covers a lot of bases. If you don't know what a quest has in store for you, I've found that this is a deck you can rely on.