Deadmen's Dike - Solo Progression

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redandgray 19

If there were ever a quest to not care about deck size, this is the one, so 60 cards it is.

Nothing terribly original - it's a Blood+Fire deck, but Gondorian Fire is actually optional in this case, though Thaurdir may not go down too easily without it. Getting Boromir beefed up with defense (and bonus readying abilities like Heir of Mardil) is the goal so that you can survive those early rounds and inevitable Cursed Dead swarms. In my Ws I generally found him to be entirely focused on defense while Theodred and the allies chipped away at enemies, since they're generally pretty low on defense.

This deck also was the first time I got some genuine use out of Ride Them Down - it's not hurting for willpower, and taking out Dead Lord just by questing successfully can really take some pressure off.