Progression Part 2: The Right Hand v1

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Progression Part 2: Escape from Dol Goldur
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BeestThouNotInHaste 184

Multiplayer Progression Deck - Left Hand

Shadows of Mirkwood & Ringmaker


It's been a while since I've played this game, so I thought it would be nice to play through all my content again in celebration of the re-release of the game. When I first got into LotR LCG, I bought expansions in a rather haphazard order (to this day, I still deeply regret buying Antlered Crown immediately after the Core Set... my completionist nature forced me to buy one of the most grueling cycles in the game). Playing progression style, I'll have a better sense for the value of some cards, and won't have to include Treebeard in every deck! While playing two-handed allowed me to enjoy the game when I first started playing (before [Gríma](/card/07002) allowed me to stand a reasonable chance of winning in solo), I've found two-handed has become too mentally taxing for me to play on a regular basis. Because of this, I'll only be building progression decks for quests mandating multiplayer (Escape from Dol Goldur, Return to Mirkwood, and The Three Trials).

About this Deck

This deck has beaten Escape from Dol Goldur, and is specialized for it. There isn't much to say about this deck: I basically picked all the best and affordable cards from and , then crammed them into one deck. [Glorfindel](/card/01011) may seem an odd choice, but he ensures the fellowship isn't crippled when [Éowyn](/card/01007) is chosen as the prisoner.

Starting Hand

You'll want events that can allow you to survive the first couple turns, given the ally restriction Dol Goldur imposes. [Radagast's Cunning](/card/01065) and [Secret Paths](/card/01066) can turn the tide on questing if you get a high setup, while [Feint](/card/01034) and [Quick Strike](/card/01035) can skip enemy attacks.

Early Game

Early on, you'll want to stabilize the fellowship from setup: [Blade of Gondolin](/card/01039) is cheap and allows clearing enemies and locations, [Dwarven Axe](/card/01041) allows [Legolas](/card/01005) to one-shot the King Spiders, and [Daughter of the Nimrodel](/card/01058) ensures no hero dies. [Protector of Lórien](/card/01070) on [Denethor](/card/01010) makes combat a lot more predictable.

Mid Game

At this point, Ungoliant's Spawn has likely reared its ugly head. Since that abomination does not have the victory keyword, you'll want to use [Forest Snare](/card/01069) to ignore it for the rest of the game (but make sure you account for those "discard an attachment" treacheries!). Radagast's Cunning can allow you to leave the Ringwraith in the staging are for a bit longer.

Late Game

[Gondorian Spearman](/card/01029) and [Rain of Arrows](/card/01033) allow you to ignore the Orc Guards, which is hilarious. Not much else to say, as this deck doesn't get very powerful.