Beorn the Doomed

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curtisfogle 1

I use Beorn to block any attacking enemies. I also combo him with Honour Guard to mitigate the damage he takes so that his life of blocking will last as long as possible until I have the resources to bring him back with Fortune or Fate

I use Glorfindel to quest and help attack each turn. All the attachments in the deck, other then Ancient Mathom, are meant to go on him.

And then we have Grima. He is really handy with his once per round ability. It is extremely helpful in managing your resources between the 3 heroes and can help cast Fortune or Fate when you need to.

The rest of the cards are pretty self explanatory with most of the other ally cards being their to help with questing and the event cards helping with either card draw or stopping the encounter deck from ruining your day.