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Aorakis 510

Here's a little Solo / Multiplayer Deck that can dish out some Locations without focusing too much on it either.

As you can see, Nothing really fancy here.

Starting threat is low (22), so you can start softly.

As usual with this Denethor, you want Steward of Gondor 1st hand and play it on Glorfindel so he can start paying those big cost allies and greetings.

Traps are there for some control and draw And mostly coz i like traps ! ^_^

Well.. in fact... i'm not even sure that this deck needs explanations ^^

For multiplayers, if glorfindel is already played, just take him out (+ valinor) then you can add Idraen or Lanwyn.

You might also consider Errand, long defeat, provisions, elf-stone... depending on what the party needs and your feeling or play-style. As usual side is here to adjust on what you mostly like (and what i still have to test yeah ^^)

Cheers from belgium.



Aug 22, 2017 Noodles 1

Well done Aorakis. I may replace the 2 side quests by 2 Master of the Forge

Aug 22, 2017 Aorakis 510

@Noodles Thanks Noodle : Of course everything is possible ^^ I do like master of the forge a lot, they "mill" the deck quite fast and help grabbing steward and traps nor asfaloth