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MarvelsTold 3

The idea was to do an alternate build using just cards from the core set and the new starter decks, but I really wanted Faramir, Boromir, and Beregond for thematic reasons. All make large sacrifices in the book and I appreciate that. Imrahil is probably the better choice since his stats are generally better than any Gondor ally even with the Boromir/VL buffs. AND, doing that opens up room for ally Faramir, just in case. I dropped the Captains from the starter for the Guards because they have better stats in case they're not jumping in front of enemies. If the deck needs help, it's easy enough to make room for Sneak Attack/Gandalf. Red Arrow won the coin toss between it and Horn of Gondor. If the deck is swimming in resources, pair it in MP with the Dwarves deck and help Bifur out. Hope this is fun for new players.