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Aorakis 510

Discussion around this deck from Sechen :

Makes me Remember that i had a pretty similar deck sleeping in my library

Damrod and Beorn are two of my favorite heroes, and if i thougt about pippin to get out in the nature with them, the 2HP and the no "ressources ventilation" were 2 problems i wanted to avoid.

(And let's be honest, i got trouble playing those squishy hobbits, but hey, don't get me wrong, pippin2, merry 2 and frodo for exemple are really strong ! 2hp is just not my safe-play-style :p)

(Or to be honest -> Pippin got no Beard !!! :D)

So that good old Bifur appear to me like the perfect match. He can "steal" Beorn and then you can pay your 3 cost ents easier, and or, a 2 cost ents and then a 1 cost trap.

Basic idea was the same, diminish ennemies with some Entagling Nets and/or One-Shot them with Ambush. Then having Anborn grab them back.

As you got no ressources generation, Elf-stones are there to help you bringing some more allies on the board.

Derdingles and honour guards helps beorn and then take over him as tanker

I also bring some candies (cards i wanted to test a bit) : Skinbark, Azain...

Close call x1, is like an "emmergency" card

Biggest problem here might be the threat. So if you feel like it. Just drop those candies and whatever you want to bring some Favor of the Valar.

Hope you'll enjoy it !

Traps are fun ! Traps with a bear knocking the poor trapped prey, even more !

Thanks to Sechen that gave me the memories of this old deck i had ;)

Cheers from belgium



Sep 02, 2016 Aorakis 510

The deck made it on a 2players Anduin Nightmare.

Buri Ghân helped us a lot against those 10threat location. He's a really good ally.

The combo Nets + Ambush works really well.

Beorn was alive with 1hp left. Good boy !

Bifur and Elrond (mate's deck), died... We will pray for their souls !