You Know Nothing Damrod

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Aorakis 510


(Well in fact, i'm sure that he knows a lot of things).

But... Mirlonde likes to tell him that, ALL... DAY... LONG !

Here's one of my favorite deck in a long time that works quite ok in solo, and turn out to be really good in multiplayer.

Despite the absence of spirit cancels, the little trap control and massive healing provided by ents and Warden of healing allow this deck to endure tons of direct damage and forget about some ennemies or help to deal with them with those nets.

i just passed "the Siege of gondor" (2nd from flame of the west) quest in solo, taking damage all game long, i healed like 11 to 13 damage per turn wich allowed me to never reveal a second card, and when i did, i knew excatcly was was coming because of those "Risk some light"

This ability of massive healing is always good on multiplayer, and in that regard, this deck in multiplayer can do a lot of job for the table as you get some cards in the sideboard that are always welcome.

Cards like : Elrond counsel, Send for aid, Ambush...

Ghan buri ghan is also an excellent ally, the more i play him, the more i like him ! Some games his presence will be like almost not to be seen.. but some other games, he can just make you win the quest or traveling on a location without the "travel" effect. On "Siege of Gondor", last turn he quest alone for 15 willpower !

1 anborn, just to bring back those Entangling nets and to boost our attack a bit. You can put the 2nd Anborn in multiplayer with those 3 Ambush ! So you can grab then back each turn ! Works pretty well !

(Here's an exemple of what i mostly use in multiplayer : )

Ents for the quest and some combat when needed.

Between the traps, Daeron's rune, Mithrandir's advice, Heed the dream and some Sneaky Gandalf, the Draw is really good with this deck !

So you always got something to do with those ressources ! that is the Reason why i haven't bring Errand Rider. Turns where i got a ressource left on heroes are so rare. Wich is good.

And that's it boyz 'n girlzzZZZZzzZ !

Hope you will enjoy this little deck as i do !

Cheers from Belgium.