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Eowyn: discard outlet for all players. fuels elven light. high willpower. target for silver harp.

Glorfindel: High willpower and attack. wants to get light of valinor asap, and asfaloth is gravy. target for fair and perilous, unexpected courage, and possibly the 2nd silver harp (but prob better on bills galadriel)

Beravor: card draw for all. can quest, block, or attack. target for burning brand, protector of lorien, and unexpected courage.

Bill - can target his elrond with 2nd burning brand, protector of lorien on his best block/quest hero, mirror of galdriel for his galadriel, maybe 3rd unexpected courage to galadriel (depending on scenario), and fair and perilous

Seb - can target potential blockers with arwen, trigger dwarf abilities with bofur?, protector of lorien on his best block/quest, and maybe 3rd unexpected courage on best attack/block

galadhrims greeting and elronds counsel for threat reduction. deep knowledge, elven light, long defeat and beravor for card draw. warden of healing, long defeat, for healing, and arwen, burning brand, forest snare, protector of lorien, silver harp, and hasty stroke all as pseudo healing through defense and protection. eowyn, ethir swordsman, silvan refugee, and protector of lorien to quest with northern tracker, and aslfaloth as location management. henamarth, mirror of galadriel, and a test of will to help see the future