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Jreilly89 232

Jreilly89 has a newer deck inspired by this one: Gondorian Army Learn to Play Deck

Made a simple Gondor deck from the Starter Decks and Revised Core to teach a buddy to play.

Deck piloting is fairly simple: Plate and Shield go on Beregond to tank everything. Blade of Gondolin and Valiant Sword go on Mablung since he will always be ready when we engage an enemy. Steward of Gondor, Heir of Mardil, Visionary Leadership go on Boromir to keep him pumped with resources.

Errand Rider and Envoy are there to keep Boromir flush with resources, and Foe Hammer and Valiant Sacrifice is there for card draw. Gandalf and Sneak Attack are the only means of threat reduction other than Pillars of the Kings, but Gondor generally likes to be high threat.