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BlackArrow 48

BlackArrow has a newer deck inspired by this one: Seven for the Dwarf Lords, in Their Halls of Stone

A New Dwarf Mining deck that I thought of. The One Ring goes on Dáin Ironfoot, and Inner Strength boosts his and gives him shadow cancelation, with is always clutch. Obviously this is the only _Master_ card in the deck, so this is the one you pull out initially. Mulligan for Thorongil so you can get Leadership Dáin Ironfoot's boosts in play, as well as pay for some clutch leadership cards like Lure of Moria and A Very Good Tale to get the ally swarm going.

Zigil Miner is the key ally here, triggering cards like Hidden Cache and Ered Luin Miner. Choose either 2 or 1 when mining with him. Obviously, you want to get to 5 dwarves right away to trigger Ori's ability, and activating cards like Dwalin and Bifur. Look for cheap allies, particularly Erebor Record Keeper in your staring hand. The rest is pretty simple.

I was initially going to start with Leadership Dáin Ironfoot in play, but there were so many good spirit cards that would fuel the dwarf mining from the very beginning, whereas the leadership cards weren't necessarily needed initially (With perhaps the exception of A Very Good Tale). I really like this idea, and I think (MotK) Azain Silverbeard is an absolute beast, and probably the best dwarf hero out there (Sorry Gimli). Starting with 3 is insane, and he will just get better and better as the game goes on. Besides, most quests have enemies that all share the same trait, so he will be dealing left and right.

Thanks for checking this out! Comments and/or suggestions are, as always, greatly appreciated.


May 07, 2022 BlackArrow 48

Actually, when mining with Zigil Miner, choose 3 (or 2).