PANZER (a 3 to 4 players Defending Deck)

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PANZER (Beregond 2 Defensive deck) 4 4 3 2.0
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Aorakis 510

Hi there, here's the latest version for this 3 to 4 multiplayers TANKING deck.

This deck is doing one thing, and one thing only : TANKING !

You want that Steward 1st hand !


Pretty simple isn't it ? ^_^

Errand are there for sending ressources to the party once Beregond is the Richest man in middle earth !

Healer are there to bring massive heal once Beregond is "still" the richest man in middle earth. (so yeah i lied, this deck can also provide ressources and heal Mid/End game :p)

For 2p games or If the party need some Willpower just make these changes :

-3 Lembas -2 Common Cause -1 Will of the west and add +3 Ethirs +3 Anfalas

If the party got some untap for you, just remove some of your own, and add the third copy of Errand riders and Wardens of healing. They're really good for the party !

If you feel like drawing more is the key, just add those 2 Peace and thought, so you can exhaust Erestor and Denethor for 5 more cards wich is crazy good

Sideboard is there for you to adapt on quest and decks that are on the board !

Just be careful to Keep an eye on those Will of the West and don't forget to Play the last one you draw (if you can) so you can shuffle all your discard pile back into your deck and play everything once again !

End game you'll just play Miruvor in loop while puting them back on top of your deck and then draw them again with erestor ! while Denethor will provide some gondor heroes with his capacity.

Hope you'll enjoy this deck as much as i do.

For Gondor !

Cheers from belgium.