Noldor Discard with Amarthiul

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DnT 108

Solid hero lineup. There are loads of builds that feature Arwen and Erestor, and Beregond seems to be the favored defender, but Amarthiul actually works very well as the combat support in this solo deck. Ideal opening includes To the Sea! Steward is good, but not essential. You're using it for the blood/fire combo. With a warning, you can defend handily. I have had some good success with this setup.


Sep 21, 2016 dalestephenson 1414

Can you talk about the leadership resources? Obviously you can't play anything but a Dunedain Warning on turn one, but I assume you just let it go, in case Steward of Gondor shows up in the next four cards.

Have you thought about Erebor Hammersmith or Silver Harp for this deck?

Sep 21, 2016 DnT 108

With Will of the West, I didn't find the Harp or Hammersmith necessary. I haven't played any quests with particularly nasty treacheries, but the Harp might find a place if I do.

So the Steward is mostly just there for attack power boosting, usually to take care of the late game boss in one round. Not a huge priority on your opening hand. Still, with To the Sea and Galadriel in your opening hand, you could potentially get the Steward out. I have three copies so that I don't feel too bad ditching one in the opening.